Created & Written by
John Gallagher
Illustrated by John Gallagher
& Rich Faber
Lettered & Colored by
Thom Zahler

Buzzboy: Someday he'll be earth's greatest hero--but first he needs to build the perfect cheeseburger! Welcome to the Buzzboy Diner!

Buzzboy features an interesting mix of young superheroes, each with special abilities-- and humorous idiosyncrasies. Powered up with super strength from his trusty Buzz Belt, Buzzboy is the world√Ę‚¨‚Ęs most upbeat super hero, fighting for truth, justice, and all-you-can-eat at his restaurant and headquarters, the Buzzboy Diner!

Becca Smith, sarcastic, yet sweet, is a young sorceress with magical powers she neither understands, nor can she always control. Zoomer is the youngest, the impulsive super speedster of the group, always ready to jump into any situation, without looking first.

The brilliant, yet absent-minded Doc Cyber is an ex-mad scientist turned good, who watches over them all, when they aren't trying to save HIM from one of his science experiments gone awry. While always busy battling the bad guys, Buzzboy and his friends also deal with issues affecting all teens, like messy rooms, getting grounded, and bullies (super-powered, of course).

As they struggle to save the world, they are also working hard to prepare for their future responsibilities as Earth's greatest heroes. Not to mention deal√¬≠ing with being "treated like kids," by today's grown-up heroes and villains alike. While alien creatures and crazed robots are always a bother, it is the challenges and difficulties that affect all teens that are hardest for them to take on.

Buzzboy and the gang hang out at his own Buzzboy Diner, run by head chef Doc Cyber. It is the kind Doctor who has taken on Buzzboy as his ward, after the disappearance of Buzzboy's former mentor, Ultra (really, the closest thing to Superman this world had, until he was sucked into another dimension). Doc's intention is to instill the qualities and values of everyday life in the kids, and so they are often put to work, waiting tables, washing dishes, and Buzzboy's favorite duty, building the world famous, top-secret, mouth watering "BUZZ BURGER!" Only when the alarm announcing trouble goes off, can the kids ditch their aprons, and yell at the bad guys: "You are sooooo busted!"

Residing in sunny New Paradise Metrogrove, home to many a hero and villain, the gang is never far from the action, or fun. It is with humor and wit Buzzboy, Becca, Zoomer and Cyber take on a variety of all-star wrestling aliens, cartoon-loving demons, and all-around nasty monsters. Against all odds, the kids learn to never give up, and never underestimate the power of positive thinking!


Buzzboy, whose real name is Tommy Paine, fights for truth, justice, and all you can eat, thanks to the power of his Buzz Belt, which gives him super strength, a force field (protecting him from most harm), and the ability to leap medium-sized buildings in a single bound. Yet it is Buzzboy's upbeat personality, and never-say-die attitude that make him a formidable hero against any challenge.

Although super intelligent, Buzzboy is still focused on being a "Muscle" hero like his former mentor, and often attempts to use his brawn, when brains would do. He enjoys living and working around the diner, and is
constantly attempting to create the "perfect" cheeseburger.

The most important aspect of this young hero is his determination to never quit, no matter how many times he gets knocked down, both figuratively, and literally-- this is why he is labeled "The World's Most Upbeat Super Hero."



Becca Smith is a friendly, albeit sarcastic, young sorceress, with both psychic and mystical powers,
who came from the future -- where Buzzboy is known
as the greatest hero in history-- but she doesn√Ę‚¨‚Ęt understand how this kid can be the same Buzzboy-- he√Ę‚¨‚Ęs such a goof!

Becca is happy to be a part of the gang, and knows that whatever her future holds, it's in the past with Buzzboy, Cyber and Zoomer. Becca's deadpan wit, and amazing powers make her a welcome part of the team.



Zoomer is the youngest member of the team, with
the least amount of control over his powers of blinding
super speed, and his impulsive attitude.

Although he has his own speedster-hero mentor, XLR8, Zoomer prefers to hang with Buzzboy and Becca, who he looks up to as example of how to be a hero. Zoomer is incredibly intelligent and resourceful, but lacks the maturity and confidence of even the goofy Buzzboy.

While he can get on everyone's nerves, as he follows everyone around like an eager puppy, he is also much appreciated in times of trouble.




Doc Cyber
Cyber, whose scientific genius is second to none,
would rather be cooking up chicken wings and cherry tarts at the Buzzboy Diner, than battling bad guys.

Cyber grew famous as a mad scientist wreaking mischievous havoc across New Paradise, with his fiendish inventions. Thwarted numerous times by super heroes in the past, Cyber became a force for good, paid his debt to society, and eventually became a secret agent within the criminal ranks, assisting in the defeat of many notorious bad guys.

For this reason he is often the unwitting target of many a villain's revenge. Cyber has taken in Buzzboy as his ward, after BB√Ę‚¨‚Ęs mentor√Ę‚¨‚Ęs disappearance, and sees him as the son, or at least nephew, he never had.


About the Author
Cartoonist, self-publisher, and award-winning creative director, John Gallagher has been drawing
his own comics since he was five years old. John has spoken at libraries, schools, and publishing
tradeshows across the country about the power and magic of graphic novels and comics. He is
also a founding member of Kids Love Comics, an organization promoting literacy and fun
through comics and graphic novels. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife Beth, and children Katie, Jack and Will.



Buzzboy ¬© and ‚Ę2011 John Gallagher. Roboy Red ¬© and ‚Ę2011 Rich Faber and John Gallagher All Rights Reserved.